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Seeking: Male & Female/Gospel & Rock Singers (Recording-Only)
Description Hello Fellow Vocalists,

Blues Evolution is recording a second CD, and one of the tunes is a secular but gospel sounding song that is begging for the sound of a large choir. Well, we canít pull that off, but we can try to simulate a choir by overdubbing a variety of male and female singers singing one, two or three part harmony; and adding it to the mix. We sure would love your involvement. We need your involvement. We would be glad to send you a demo of the song including the vocals which we have recorded thus far, and you can decide if this song would be something to which you would to contribute a part. However, YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A COMPUTER BASED DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING SYSTEM and a decent condenser microphone. I hope you will take a stab at it and join us. As you may have gathered, this is not a paying opportunity.



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