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Need Affordable Management services?


Specializing in management services we provide a variety of options from which to choose that will best suit the client. Our goal is to work with you to structure a management plan that fits your vision and goals, rather than make you fit into our "corporate box."

We offer unique services unlike other management companies. We understand that most, if not all, "indie" clients operate on limited incomes when they are first getting started. And without a DEAL advancing thousands of dollars to cover everything from marketing & promotions to distribution, the Indie Client is at a distinct disadvantage. In essence, therefore, we fulfill the role of the record label and studio for the Indie client. Providing these services and more at a fraction of the cost. And we structure our management and development fees to accomodate the vast income differences between the A-level artist/A List writer.

our management plans include:

512 Management Plan 12-month management & development plan; includes client development and management at a flat fee; after 12 months, client moves to industry-standard commission.

Platinum Promo Package 3-month intense promotional & marketing development package with starter fee, followed by 6 months of personal management at a flat fee. After 9 months, client moves to industry-standard commission.

Pro Plan for those clients currently touring full-time (deriving more than 55% of their annual income from touring), ongoing management at an industry-standard commission rate.

Unlike other management companies, we do NOT limit access to our services. We do not bill by the hour, or give you a certain number of hours per month for this or that. For more information on these services, Please contact
708-933-0245 office hours between monday-saturday
09:00am-5:00pm Cst.

Tour Management:

Tours can be tricky if you are not experienced and ready for the unexpected! Having administrated tours to Mexico, Central America, Southeast Asia, South America, Canada, Africa, London, the Bahamas, and all across the U.S., we have the experience you can count on to ensure a successful tour.

If you have a new project about to be released, the only way to ensure a successful release is to schedule a new release tour. Our Tour Management Services will handle all aspects of your multi-state tour, giving you maximum exposure to ensure top sales of your new release. We manage all aspects of touring from the initial budgeting process, to advancing the show, to on-site road management. We work directly with the publicists and booking agencies to plan and implement a successful tour for the client and entourage.

For overseas tours, we form"host committees" within the nation to which we are planning a tour and work hand in hand with the locals to ensure that all of the needs are met and areas of responsibility are covered. We value these partnerships and form long-lasting relationships with wonderful people all around the world.

Your next tour does not have to cost a fortune or drain all of your resources - let the professionals help! Contact us for planning your next tour, At
708-933-0245 office hours between monday-saturday
09:00am-5:00pm Cst.

Web and Graphic Design:

Time for an update? If you haven't given your website a fresh look in a while, then chances are your site is redundant! Don't fall into complacency - give your site a new look and impress your customers and clients. If your site isn't getting the traffic you want, chances are it hasn't been optimized for the major search engines. For more information on our web design services, Please contact us at 708-933-0245 office hours between monday-saturday 09:00am-5:00pm Cst.

Event Planning:

Special Event Planning and Management services cover time-constrained events including (but not limited to) conferences, seminars, retreats and planning meetings. Regardless of the type of event you are planning, we can provide professional management services to ensure that your event is successful.

Our experience with event management spans over 4 years .

We utilize state of the art software to manage online registration and administration of events, regardless of length. Our partnership with one of the nation's top providers of audio and video technical services ensures that your event will be technically superior!

If you are planning an upcoming event or need professional management services to ensure your success give us a email or contact our offices at
708-933-0245 office hours between monday-saturday 09:00am-5:00pm Cst.


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