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Hey now! Hello there and welcome to - the world's best and largest.... blah, blah, blah... Why do you always see that on other websites? is barely a one man, part-time operation.

Anyhow, my name is Vito and I live in NYC and I am a major music lover and occasional musician. Last year, I wanted to get back into music... and had a majorly tough time finding folks to play with.

Let me back up a little bit... I was in a band back in High School and College and I play guitar. I thought I was going to be the next Alex Lifeson!

So since I graduated from college, my busy “adult life” has made it really difficult for me to play again with other folks. I mean finding people to play with common tastes, skill levels, location.... seemed like a project and was never "a priority".

I realized that I really missed playing, being creative, chilling and meeting other musicians but did not know where to start. I even did a few Web Searches and could not find any easy to use (I know that’s not the case anymore!).

So I started a little personal project – to build a FREE and Easy-to-Use website that could help local musicians to connect. Also, I’ve been really fascinated with the internet and wanted to learn how to build websites. The other thing I did not mention is that I was Comp Sci major in college and used to have the technical “chops” to do this type of stuff (not sure very cool, but true)…. but now I’m part of “management.”

I began this project in December and just finished this version and “officially” launched the site on Monday March 20th, 2005. Right now it is set up for 3 nearby metro areas my hometown New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston but maybe that will expand in the future. Now I just hope that other musicians find it useful. So pass on the word!

Here is my pledge to all musicians out there – whether you are a pro, amateur, part-time, whatever… I will never charge you for any service, features, or content. I just want musicians to have an on-line community and resource to be able to connect with other musicians as well as goods / service providers. I want to provide you with good information and tools to make your life easier.

So let me know what you think – send comments to Feedback

I am trying to figure out what other features may be helpful, so stay tuned.

Finally, thanks for using for and pass on the word!


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